Gisele Zanellato
Exhibition: 23.07.'22 - 07.08.'22
Gisele Zanellato - "Art Collection 56 Origami" d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
“Art Collection 56 Origami” • 82x82x6cm


Gisele Zanellato brings you into a colourful world inspired by the great names of painting,
which a new modernity transposes onto the ancient art of origami.
Each origami is the result of a careful selection of works by a single iconic artist.
The juxtaposition and accumulation of brightly colored folds bring to the work a surprising visual harmony,
where order and rigor play with fantasy.

Born in 1960, Gisele Zanellato graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons,
where she lives and works.

Gisele Zanellato - "Art Collection 64 Origami" d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
“Art Collection 64 origami” • 82x82x6cm
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