Exhibition: 29.10.'22 - 13.11.'22
Wang Gang - At the mirror - oil on canvas - d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
“At the mirror” • Oil on canvas • 2022, 100 x 100 cm • d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
"The vision of time and space in the illusion is strange, like a dream.
It seems that time does not exist, only space. Sometimes it seems as if a scene appears
in the memory and then disappears in a flash.
It may be a shift in time and space between illusion and reality.
Sometimes it is like a childhood dream memory, near and far, a world of pure nature.
The feeling is magical, poetic and mysterious…"


Wang Gang -Taichi - oil on canvas - d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
“Taichi” • Oil on canvas • 2022, 116 x 89 cm • d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
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