Exhibition: 20.07.'24 - 11.08.'24
Ramzi Ghotbaldin - “Périgord Rouge” - oil on canvas - 100x100cm
“Périgord Rouge” • Oil on canvas • 109 x 100cm cm

Ramzi Ghotbaldin

Ramzi Ghotbaldin is an artist of singular universe;
his expression asserts itself in a synthesis between dream
and memory, reality and oneirism. The originality of his
compositions, the permanence of his drawings, the refinement
of his palette and the filtered light, all help to transport us into
timeless dimensions and landscapes that constantly enchant us.

A French painter of Kurdish origin, born in 1955, who has
lived in France for almost 35 years. He has been exhibiting for
30 years in prestigious galleries in Paris, the French provinces
and several European countries, including Belgium. In 2022,
he was awarded the Grand Prix de Peinture by the Taylor
Foundation in Paris. He has worked faithfully with the Galerie
d’Haudrecy for over 15 years.

Véronique Llorens, May 2024


Ramzi Ghotbaldin - “Le Sentier du Lac” - oil on canvas - 73x92cm - d'Haudrecy Art Gallery
“Le Sentier du Lac” • Oil on canvas • 73 x 92cm cm
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