Born in Khanaquine in Kurdistan in 1955.
Lives and works in Paris.

The painting of this Iraqi-Kurdish artist is strongly steeped in his culture and influenced by his experience with exile.
Synthesis is at the basis of the imagery of Ramzi Gothbaldin, who is now one of the prominent painters of his generation.
Roaming is at the centre of a universe marked by the enigmatic aspects of his origin.

Ghotbaldin, a virtuoso of a range of different techniques, gives his imagination free rein. This works wonderfully well as he moves away
from the meticulous description and focuses on the effects of light. It models and frames the shapes, and brings a confusing concentration
to the composition. The beauty of the subject matters emphasizes the scope of Ramzi Ghotbaldin’s universal message.

‘Figues Honfleur' • oil on canvas • 73 x 92 cm
‘Calanques' • oil on canvas • 130 x 130 cm
‘L'arrivée' • oil on canvas • 130 x 130 cm

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