Exhibition 06.08.16  -  21.08.16

'The Gardener and His Seven Trees' • oil on canvas • 50 x 95 cm


Born on 27 May 1969 in Jelgava, Latvia, Kalvis Zuters studied at the Riga Collegeof Applied Art from 1985-1989
and then for a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Painting at the Latvian Academy of Art, Riga.

Those who are not familiar with Latvia may be surprised to learn
that the art of painting occupies a prominent place in this small country.

The Latvian Academy of Art in Riga has produced many of the country’s prominent artists,
of whom the painter Kalvis Zuters is one of its most talented representatives.
On a technical level he shows great artistry and a skilful brush technique.
A truly original, genuinely inspired, young painter.


‘Icarus Home' • oil on canvas • 50 x 97 cm

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