Exhibition 06.04.19  -  21.04.19

‘Danseuse & Boléro rouge & Shurub’ • Mixed media • H: 53cm - 62cm - 55 cm

“I make my art starting from the material act of handicraft, of handling matter.
Putting things in the oven, carefully watching how colours transform
through natural chemical processes into different textures.
This semi traditional way of working is also present in the form of my art.
It is inspired by early, Greek, African, Asian and pre-Columbian art.
Not that I really copy traditional statues or tribal styles, but I reinvent them
for my own processing of matter, from my memory, my vague nostalgia
of continents that I visited and yearn to re-visit.
I always try to make primordial figures, humans in their most naked, primitive being,
as tokens of some basic existential condition: loneliness, fear and desire.
For me making is a process, a stream. I hope they convey a sort of solidified ecstasy.
Even if the joy of life is by nature fleeting and transient,
art should capture it in an enduring, eternal way.”

Etiyé Dimma Poulsen


‘Cercle rouge' • Mixed media • 76 x 59 cm

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